Ziua Roşiei Montane

6 februarie 131


The community which dared to stand up. The story of Rosia Montana and a mining plan.

For the past 14 years a corporation is still trying to extract the biggest deposit of gold and silver from Europe but with no clear future, due to the courage and the commitment that the community from Rosia Montana and activists across Romania and the world has shown.

This is the reason why we want to celebrate. Every year, on the 6th of February, the birthday of this village that has sparkled some of the biggest protests from Romania, is being celebrated in cities across Romania and Europe.

The evening will start with a documentary that will show the story of Rosia Montana and the mining plan proposed there. Feel free to bring drinks (alcohol, sodas, etc.) or even snacks, because afterwards we will have a small party.

Because the event will take place in a house, please let us know if you’re coming or not by pressing the right buttons.


Ziua Rosiei Montane Breda 2015

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