Ziua Roşiei Montane

6 februarie 131


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Come to our event and find out how a part of the local community in collaboration with NGOs and architects are trying to save Rosia Montana through various projects.

The following points are on our agenda:

• Book presentation „AFACEREA ROSIA MONTANA“ (“The Business with Rosia Montana”) by Mihai Gotiu

• The program “ADOPT A HOUSE” and the summer school for architects and architecture students in Rosia Montana

• The program “7 MOST ENDAGERED”

• The summer festival “FANFEST”

• Photography exhibitions with historical buildings and landscapes from Rosia Montana

• Short film „ZIDURILE – MAKING OF“ (“The Walls – Making Of”)

• Open discussion, Mix & Mingle, drinks and Romanian snacks

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/626308547436952/

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